Six weeks of colour online courses

If you're stuck at home and struggling for something to do, could I point you in the direction of my six weeks of colour painting courses?  I'll email you a video tutorial every week showing how to build up your image, layer and blend paints and so much more! 

And, to help during these tricky times, I've reduced the price of my online courses from £250 each to just £100 per course.

You can find out more and sign up here -


If you need to buy any art materials, or want to check prices out before buying the six week course, I would recommend you look at  

An example of the items you could buy -


Canvas gerstacker basic 60x 60cm code 2-25252 £8.69

Acrylic paints

Daler rowney system 3 set £12.49
Liquitez heavy body acrylic set £24 (normally £62)
Pebeo acrylic set £11.09

Oil paints

Oils - pebeo studio fine oil £2.99 tube
Georgian water soluble oil set £15.39
I love art mongoose brush set from £8.19 for 3 brushes

Varnish (optional, and only if using oil paints)
Ronseal clear satin varnish (must be solvent based)


*Please note - you wouldn't need both acrylic AND oil paints - one or the other will do.  Oil paint gives much stronger colour but takes longer to dry and will stain anything it comes into contact with whereas acrylics dry quicker and are water soluble, but the colours won't be quite so bright!