Paint your own dramatic sky - Stage 3 (be brave!)

Once dry, this is the good but - but you have to be brave, we'll start to add some strong colours!  Starting with cadmium orange, working in the opposite direction to the sweep, we are going to create some clouds.  Using the little brush and small brush strokes, work downwards filling the middle of the canvas with the orange.  Along the top of the orange, toward the top of the canvas, follow the edge of the orange with magenta.  It will look basic at this stage.  Wipe your brush to remove all paint, try not to clean it as a brush is better dry, and then gently work between the two colours to blend them together.  Keep working the colours in, moving the brush in lots of different directions.  You can add more orange, as magenta is a strong, overpowering colour.  You should end up with a rich blend from orange up to rich magenta.  Add the flesh again, to the bottom edge of the orange.  Change brushes to get a big brush - make sure its very dry - and then slightly work over all three colours which will blend them together.  With the flesh colour work along your horizon line again, add orange below the horizon line as your reflection.  See the video - 




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