Paint your own dramatic sky - Stage 5...last stage!!

When dry, start with magenta - still using the smaller brush.  With a tiny bit of paint on the end of your brush, start to break up the middle of the orange cloud, so it's purple at the top, orange and then your newly applied magenta.  Go back to your orange paint and paint over the orange again to bring together the magenta and the purple.  As you are applying the paint use a crossing motion with your brush that blends the colours, creating a good cloud effect.  Keep adding little bits of orange into the magenta.  As you approach the bottom of the cloud, add the flesh again so it creates dark to light as it goes down.  Change colours again to light blue, add it along the right hand side of your canvas, merging into the magenta and the purple, blending again, and at the bottom of the sweep on the left hand side, heading towards the horizon (much easier just to watch the video - enjoy!)


Finish off by adding colours to the water to reflect the sky.  I hope you enjoyed it - make sure you send me a photo of the results!


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