Firstly, please don't feel you need to buy the biggest or the most expensive art supplies you can find, and you wont need all these things from the very start of the course, so just pick things up as you go!  Most items should be available at your local art store, or you may be able to find them cheaper online (as long as you can wait for it to be delivered!) Good websites to try are and 

Canvas You will need at least one pre-stretched canvas, preferably around 50cm x 50cm. 

Paints I always paint in oils, its a beautiful medium to use but the drying time can easily put you off. Please let me help you explore this amazing versatile medium. Acrylics can be used if you prefer - they dry quicker and are a great medium too. I will be working with both. 

I'll send you a full list of colours a couple of weeks before the start of the course.

Brushes - I'll give you a breakdown of different brushes and what they are best used for, for now you will only need one or two, a good flat brush and a small thin brush for detail.

Watercolours - this is not a must but I use mine a lot for quick sketches and ideas, you can buy a tiny set with just 4 or six colours and mix all your other colours from them. 

An apron or painting clothes - because you don't want to get your best clothes messy!

If you are going to paint in oils you'll also need turps.  You can buy good turps that doesn't smell nowadays, but always use in a well ventilated room.

Also solvent based, clear satin varnish  - I use this to help my oils dry quicker (I'll explain more about this once we get started!)