'Six weeks of colour' online painting classes

My six weeks of colour courses take you step by step through creating a painting. You'll also get information on materials, techniques and painting composition.

There's also an online community for everyone taking the course to share their drawings, paintings, inspirations and ideas. 

I've put together a list of common questions and answers, which you can find here, but please get in touch if you have any unanswered questions.


These are just a few of the amazing paintings from previous course participants - 




You can also have a sneaky peak at one of the tutorials from a previous online class -  


My online painting courses are available to buy so you can complete them at your leisure!  Click below to see all the courses - 

Here are a few comments from participants on previous courses - 


 'I have always liked art but never attempted any apart from school lessons over 50  years ago. Having seen Julies paintings a few years ago and buying some oils and  prints they inspired me to have a go.

 I wanted to go on one of her live courses but time/work commitments were against me.  When I found out via Facebook she was running an online course I jumped at the  chance.

 From start to finish it has been a pleasure and I've loved every minute of the tutorials.

 My confidence with pencil, fineline, watercolours, acrylic and oil paint has come on in  leaps and bounds in just 6 weeks.

 Anyone thinking of joining the next online course just go for it.

 Whatever your level or ability there's something for all to learn.

 The people in the last group are all supportive and helpful especially to a complete  novice like me. I can't thank Julie enough for the fantastic experience she has shared  with us all'



 'The six week course was amazing! The video tutorials were easy to follow and  excellent quality. Julie's help during the course for all our questions and help with our  paintings went over and above what I expected. As a full time working artist to dedicate  so much of her time to this as well was brilliant and very much appreciated.

 I absolutely loved this course and have made some wonderful friends.  Everyone is so  supportive. Thanks Julie can't wait for the next one xx'



 'Anyone considering this course whatever their current ability just "do it"

 Like most on the course I had no idea what to expect but having been lucky enough to  meet Julie in her fabulous church studio and being just blown away by her work I took  the plunge.

 It totally reignited my love of painting teaching me new skills and techniques and help me  develop more confidence in my own work.

 The standard of tuition and guidance is fabulous but the added bonus is the wonderful  group of us who have kept the group going who now give feedback and encouragement  we don't get from friends.

 I hope to be signing up to Julie's new courses for a long time. xx'



 'The internet exposes us to art from all over the world and makes you yearn to attend  classes with the ones whose art touches you, this was me with fine art painter Julie  Dumbarton. Living in Australia and Julie being in Scotland I never thought it possible to  be able to attend one of Julie's classes to learn how to use colour the way Julie does. I  signed up as soon as I heard of her online course and was not disappointed. Julie went  about teaching the same way she sends out colourhugs on her FB page and you get to  download keep the videos to watch again and again. If you get the chance to enrol on  Julie's painting course you will be able to hang your own colourhugs on your wall. You  also get to interact with the other class members from all over the world who help and  support you long after the last lesson. Dianne from Perth, Australia'




 'Great course suitable for all abilities I have been painting for many years but I learned  loads from Julie's course she is very encouraging and we had a brilliant group all very  supportive of each other.

 I enjoyed the course from start to finish'



 'I wanted to do oils and learn how to use colour in a creative way.... and the course lived  up to expectation and gave me everything I needed to go it alone. The daily drawing  tasks were challenging but so beneficial, the tutorials were brilliant and provided a great  building block for skills to develop and Julie's down to earth teaching was just great. All  that and an online group who were so warm, friendly and supportive.... if you want to do  an art course.... do this! I love colour!'



 'I have never painted with oils before but always admired Julie's work so when her 6  week course was advertised, I though why not try something new. Best decision I ever  made, Julie is an excellent teacher, she is patient, approachable & really friendly.

 The course was well planned and well executed and the end result was fantastic. I'm  now on my 5th oil painting following on from the course & have found a love for oils as  well as a wealth of techniques which Julie shared with us.

 Even though this is an online course, we have built up a community & stay in touch to  encourage each other with out continuing journeys into the art world.  

 Thank u Julie for sharing ur gift with us & for being u! x'



 'Have enjoyed and am still enjoying this course so much! Video tutorials have meant that  I can go at my own pace. Slow! Good to be encouraged by Julie and others.'



 'Thanks to Julie I have started exploring art in a new way. Prior to participating in this  course I hadn't tried anything like this at all! The thought of painting on a canvas was  daunting at first but I have created something, under Julies instruction, to be proud of and  hangs on my wall. I have since created a few more small canvases trying other new  techniques...I have a long way to go on my journey and I may run out of wall space  soon!

 I was unsure about an online course but it was perfect for me. There was plenty of  support from all over the world via a Facebook group and the pace of the course if great,  although it was hard to be patient for the next instalment! Daily drawing challenges add to  the skilled and helped me fill in the voids between the weekly video tutorials. My drawing  has improved and I continue to add to my sketchbook! I'm not afraid to try anything arty  now! Thank you Julie for sharing your talent and passion for colour and art!'



 'Thanks so much for the 6 week course. It was my first experience painting with oils and  I gained great confidence. I love my finished painting and enjoyed the whole journey,  which included the 30 day drawing challenge and all the closed group Facebook chatting  with the rest of the massive international online group of students.

 I work in distance education and have done lots of online courses, but yours was one of  the best thanks to your generous nature, great lesson videos, daily emails and also  because of the interaction between all of us through the closed Facebook group.

 Thanks so much!


 from Port Fairy, Victoria Australia'